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Why LVT?


A pleasant soft and warm feeling

Without realising it, your sense of well-being increases when you walk across a LVT floor. The resilient layer anticipates your body weight and creates that soft feeling under your feet.

A vinyl floor also feels pleasantly warm. Because a LVT floor has excellent insulating properties, the temperature remains comfortable in every season. All planks and tiles are also suitable for underfloor heating.

Excellent acoustics at home

One of the great advantages of luxury vinyl tile floor is its acoustic comfort. Vinyl is resilient and reduces walking and transit noise to an absolute minimum - great news for you and your neighbours. So if you want to banish annoying noises in your home, LVT offers you the ultimate flooring solution.


Easy to maintain

The protective top layer also repels dirt and dust mites. While stains can be removed in no time, by simply brushing with pure water. You don't need stubborn polishes.

Reliable quality

In normal use and provided that the floor is well maintained, a LVT floor is extremely durable. So we are happy to give you long-term warranty of up to 20 years. 

Fully water resistant

Vinyl repels water, making a LVT floor the ideal flooring solution for kitchens and bathrooms and also any other space in the home. The floor is water and slip resistant and very easy to maintain.

Protective top layer

Reassuringly your LVT floor can withstand the knocks. The top layer with PU coating prevents wear, scratches and stains, and protects the design.

Excellent stability

With super-strong fibreglass layers guarantees high form stability. And that results in minimal shrinkage and expansion caused by changes in temperature, humidity or sunlight.

No lasting marks

Luxury vinyl flooring LVT is so resilient, that the floor returns to its original state once the pressure of heels or furniture legs is removed.

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